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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now album review

I was barely aware of this CD's existence as I am past that horrible stage. I mean, why listen to this shit and be a 'sucker for love', as Cam would call it, when you can listen to Dipset and treat 'a bitch like a bitch' (again, my hats go off to Killa). But I digress, apparently kids still appreciate this stuff, and I will admit their last two albums came at the right time where I could actually connect to it. Hell, I know two kids who drove 3-4 hours to go see these guys live. Anyways, I will be reviewing this live, typing as I listen to these songs for the first time or so.

What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost

Second song by this band with the word 'ghost' in it. Pretty good opening riff. Sounds like everything else they have ever written. TBS is especially talented in turning run of the mill phrases like 'are you up for this?' into emo quotables by repeating them over and over and over and over and over and over. Look out for that one to be on AIM profiles everywhere pretty soon. Solid opening track.

Liar (It Takes One To Know One)

'Addict for dramatic'. I couldn't word it better. This dude is really obssessed with 26 days. Probably waiting for his AIDS test results to come back or something. (no homo.) Kinda sounds like the last song. Weird noises during the bridge, maybe its supposed to symbolize something, just sounds stupid.


The new single. Since I'm in college and don't own a car nor a TV, I have no idea if this is doing well on radio. It again sounds like all their other songs. I don't know how they pick their singles. Probably just pick out of a hat or something. Decent enough, definitely not as good as the last lead off single nor Cut From The Team, but that's a classic.

Up Against (Blackout)

The song's in 6/8. I generally don't like 6/8 songs. The trend doesn't change much with this one. Filler, despite sounding again like the previous 3 songs.

My Blue Heaven

I'm sick of listening to this shit already. This one is again decent, starts off a little softer. The fat cholo that plays guitar uses 3 harmonic notes. How creative.

Twenty-Twenty Surgery

I could go for some General Tso's chicken right now. An eggroll too. (Magic Wok, what's really good?) And no, its not only cause I'm Chinese. Although that more than likely is part of the reason. I'm barely listening to this shit anymore.


I had a good discussion with Ricky, my giant ass friend at Mizzou, yesterday about how Japs are shit. People that want to argue about how the US was not justified in dropping the atom bomb on the Japs are most likely two things: 1) pussies and 2) jap/asian. I'd speak more on this but the song is over.

Divine Intervention

The acoustic song of the CD. They use bells on this. It's obviously a stretch for these guys to be this creative, so the melody is the exact same one they recycle on the other songs. You can't ask for too much.


Sad to say, this is not a cover of the Fresh Prince classic. That one is far superior. There is no need for this one to exist, I'm not sure why it does. Will Smith > Taking Back Sunday all day every day.

Error Operator

I didn't like this on the Fantastic Four soundtrack. I don't like it now. I hope I downloaded an unmixed copy or something, cause the drums sound like absolute shit on this. There's not even a real melody. At least the other ones were kind of catchy. I think this one is for the kids to run around in a circle and flail their arms around like Tom Delonge/retards.

I'll Let You Live

Finally it's over. The slower one, funny how that's the same place they stuck all the other slower ones on the other albums. This one really sucks. Shitty melody, shitty guitar riff. That fat cholo guy really can't play guitar. He had his shine on that Miami song.


I'm so happy this CD is over, I can't stand this shit anymore. Granted, TBS did create the formula, but it is done to death. The whole tag-team vocals, phrase repetition, over dramatic performance is boring as hell to me. I probably would have liked this a year and a half ago. If you must listen to shit like this, go download Tell All Your Friends.

P.S. - Speaking of Tell All Your Friends, there's still kids out there on Purevolume that cover Cut From The Team acoustically, singing in whispered voices. You uncreative tools, the original fucking band already did that.

note - i realize i used the word 'shit' quite a bit in this review, even more than usual. i have a looming suspicion it has something to do with the quality of material i was reviewing.

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