No emo bullshit here. This is created for my rhetoric class, which is good because it gives me incentive to back my shit up after talking all kinds of trash about teenage asian girls' xangas. This will most likely not be any better. Probably worse.

Friday, April 28, 2006

hey ma.

Did anybody else know that Nelly Furtado is this hot? All I remember is that she had that annoying song about how she was like a pigeon or peacock or something. (no homo.)

I do know that Natasha Bedingfield song is pretty much perfect. (definitely better than the Taking Back Sunday album.) And apparently Ms. Bedingfield has been swagger jacking Nelly Furtado's steez as female pop songwriter extraordinaire.

I say they should just make out. A DVD of that bundled with each album will fly off the shelves. Even thieves teenagers will pay for that.

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