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Sunday, April 23, 2006

i welcome you to get acquainted with the youngest in charge.

I will admit it. I slept on Lebron James. Don't really know how, I Just wasn't into sports as a whole at the time. Wasn't up on anything sports related in general, all my NBA knowledge ended with the Jordan era. So I slept on this man. Actually, a man is an understatement. Dude is pure unadulterated athletic machine. No ego either, just confidence. The best part about his post-season debut today wasn't even the ridiculous triple-double. The shots and scoring don't hurt, but they were expected. The most impressive part of his game is how dude can make all those around him better. He involves them, gives them second chances, doesn't kick them to the curb like he can. I'm sure everyone knows, but once again: he's only 21. Twenty one. Dude was just legally allowed to drink. He's got so much more time to grow, I can't even imagine how much better he can get. Sky's the limit.

Welcome to the King James era.

Bonus: The Office's Michael Scott delivers an anecdote on the importance of education.

P.S. - Everybody is generally allotted one genius idea a day, give or take a couple. I got one: pay-per-view One on One competitions between the top in the game of basketball. Imagine Kobe taking Lebron one on one, first to 50 pts. There could be a whole bracket set up to determine the single best player when all that pesky passing shit is taken out. It'd allow these athletic beasts to indulge in their own narcissism. And despite my current level of amazement for Lebron, Kobe would take all. Don't argue with me on that one, not that it's even up for debate.

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