No emo bullshit here. This is created for my rhetoric class, which is good because it gives me incentive to back my shit up after talking all kinds of trash about teenage asian girls' xangas. This will most likely not be any better. Probably worse.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

can't tell ye nothin'

two of the craziest egomaniacs of their respective fields


01. Kanye West - Friday Morning, May 25th, 2007 (Intro) 02:17
02. Kanye West - Stronger (Snippet) 01:23
03. CRS (Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West & Pharrell) - Us Placers 03:54
04. GLC - I Ain't Even On Yet 02:36
05. Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing 04:08
06. Common feat. Kanye West - Southside (Snippet) 02:22
07. Common - The Game 02:30
08. Kanye West - Porno (Interlude) 01:15
09. 88 Keys feat. Kanye West & Malik Yusef - Stay Up (Snippet) 01:50
10. Talib Kweli feat. Kanye West - In The Mood 02:32
11. Bentley feat. Pimp C & Lil' Wayne - C.O.L.O.U.R.S. 04:35
12. Kid Sister feat. Kanye West - Pro Nails 02:37
13. Kanye West - Young Folks 01:47
14. Kanye West - Interviews (Interlude) 03:31
15. Common - The People 03:25
16. Big Sean - Get'cha Some 02:57
17. Consequence - Don't Forget Em 02:55
18. Sa-Ra - White! (On The Floor) 03:00
19. Ne-Yo feat. Kanye West - Because Of You (Remix) 01:35
20. T-Pain feat. Kanye West - Buy You A Drank (Remix) 02:01
21. Kanye West - Throw Some D's (Interlude) 00:36
22. Kanye West - Throw Some D's (Remix) 02:36
23. Tony Williams - Dreaming Of Your Love 02:52
24. Really Doe feat. Jennifer Hudson - Magnetic Power 01:47
25. PM - Hater Family 03:36

Total Time: 64:37

take your pick (via TSS):

Sunday, May 20, 2007

the world's greatest.

Never one to shy away from grand statements, the Pied Piper recently claimed to place himself among the greatest black men ever. Ali, MLK, Malcolm - and Arruh. Some of you might be scratching your heads wondering wtf has gotten into the world's greatest living hitmaker/preteen fucker.

But can you doubt someone who records you and your mama and your sister's favorite hits while wearing a tall white tee with his own face singing cheaply ironed on? I sure won't.

As for the looming piss-on-you case, there's really not a problem. Put it like this: how many more people stand to benefit from Mr. Showbiz staying out of jail? If a couple girls get it in the eye so Kells can create bonafide hits for the masses, so be it. Collateral damage. Art requires sacrifice.

I uploaded this amazing video of R. showing his patriotic side two years ago. It's gotten 50000+ views now and I'm sure everyone is as moved as I am. If this doesn't make you proud to be an American, you might as well go deep throat Bin Laden. Traitors.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger on Vimeo

First Visit to the New Office on Vimeo

8 years ago a couple college buddies started a website to keep in touch. This is what it has evolved into. Goes to prove that it is possible to be successful on your own terms.

DIY fuckers.