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Friday, April 14, 2006

bark twice if you're in milwaukee.

Tom Delonge: you are not Bono.

First and foremost, RIP Blink-182. I guess this is what we're left with now. Tom Delonge, you used to be awesome. Now you've become a big tool who takes himself too seriously. You do realize you are skipping around on a big grass field waving your arms in the air like Julie Andrews. And for christ's sake (it is easter), keep the guitar around your shoulders even when you don't play it in the verses. Flailing your arms with the grace of a paraplegic is not a good look.

I do like the song. It's a nice catchy pop/rock song, a nice continuation of pretty much everything Tom Delonge has ever wrote and keeping in the vein of the last Blink album. Reading an MTV article on their first performance, pretty much all the songs sound like 'catchy emo tunes with big choruses'. Which leads me to wonder exactly how he is going to 'change the face of music', or 'usher in a new era'.

All in all, he does seem sincere with what he's doing. But I don't know if that makes it worse. Sincere or not, a D-bag is a D-bag.

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mikaboog86 said...

I used to have a massive crush on Tom Delonge back in the 6th grade (or some time ago)

The paper is due I expect to see you thhhheeerreeeeeeeee