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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

bands today are worse off than they have ever been.

this makes me feel old as fuck all, but it has to be said: bands today suck. especially compared to bands of the past. even more so when put up against the golden era of music*.

case in point: Cartel - Wonderwall.mp3

I feel guilty to even put this up, as i would be plenty happy if it were not made at all. But I needed to make my point and this proves it better than any. This band is slightly above average in what they do: pop-punk. Given that extremely limited scope of power chords and syncopated strumming patterns, they do all right. Their songs are catchy enough and I did like Luckie St. and Honestly. Like every other band in their genre, all their songs sound around the same with some particularly bad.

They also have the creativty potential of an aborted fetus. So when that singer dude tries to change things up on the cover of The Greatest Song Of All Time, it sounds like absolute shit.

Example 1: when he decides to put his own 'creative' spin on the melody on 'about you' in the pre-chorus.

Example 2: the entire second verse and pre-chorus he butchers. i think they call this nonsense 'putting your own spin' on something. that is complete and utter bullshit. this emo, girl-pant-wearing son of a bitch totally ruined an otherwise perfect song.

If Noel weren't too busy cashing royalty checks, he'd smack the fag. Oh yea: his voice. That voice more than anything ruined the song. Weak and quivering, he sounds like a chick. Liam Gallagher sounded like a man, giving the song exactly what it needed to rise above the sap.

I hope Cartel's tour bus runs off a cliff for this blasphemy.

*mid to late 90's

To save yourselves, here's how it should be, from the geniuses themselves:

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