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Sunday, April 30, 2006

mean muggin.

this is definitely the gulliest NBA playoffs i have ever seen. the entire weekend has been amazing for basketball. the Mavs letting it almost slip away before waking up and regaining their dignity by keep the Grizzlies' playoff losing streak alive.

Dirk mean mugged his way out of embarrassment by taking a huge shit on the city of Memphis with his game-tying 3.

Giving Dirk a run for gulliest-white-boy is none other than the Beastmaster himself: Luke Walton. With the entire Lakers team stepping their game up, Luke Walton has exceeded all expectations. Especially with the last play, getting a jump ball against Nash, and tipping it directly to the real MVP for the game winning buzzer, Luke Walton tames the untamable. Stud.

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