No emo bullshit here. This is created for my rhetoric class, which is good because it gives me incentive to back my shit up after talking all kinds of trash about teenage asian girls' xangas. This will most likely not be any better. Probably worse.

Monday, April 17, 2006

it's ladies' night, all the girls drink for free.

especially if they look like that.

Let's analyze exactly what this girl is wearing:

-Grandma sweater (cardigan for you hipsters)
-80's spandex leggings or some kind of aerobics nonsense
-Poor people shoes

Maybe chicks find this shit cute or whatnot. But the general rule is if a girl not at least an 8 out of 10, then there is no room for her to be getting creative with the wardrobe. Some of the crazy thoughts that go through some girls' minds include viewing clothes as an 'extension of my character and personality'. An 8+, however, can actually get away with trying to 'express her individuality' through her clothes. It completely flips when a girl is both hot and has a 'unique' sense of style. Wearing a lot of 'weird shit', as most guys call it, can actually bump an 8 into a 9. Rare situation, I know. It does happen though.

On the other end of the spectrum, there's fat chicks. I'll let Juelz handle that:

Juelz Santana - Drop A Couple Pounds.mp3

Juelz Santana - Fat Bitch.mp3

And to round things off, here's an acoustic version of a song so good, I had to swagger jack some lyrics for the post title. Beware, it is what some might deem 'sad bastard music'. I think it's what the kids are into nowadays anyways.

Brand New - Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis (107.7 End Session 11-17-03).mp3


Isaac said...

lol man a little harsh, gotta agree but I think it might work with the 7s occasionally too.

roxannafaye said...


this girl looks cute. i can totally understand your logic, although regardless of rank I insist on wearing cutoff man pants and unitards.

good to see it through a guy's perspective.