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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

the GOAT

Greatest commentator of all time?

There was a great bit in tonight's NBA on TNT (best sportscast show, bar none) where they listed the records of the hosts' post-championship season openers. Magic came up on top 4-1, Kenny was 2-0, and good ol' Chuck got a N/A. Hahahahahahaha. That's gold. It just further proves my case that Charles Barkley should be on every media venue possible. He should do color commentary for every sports broadcast, but that's a given. But let's not stop at sports. We could use Chuck's educated opinion on pretty much everything. Chuck as a judge on Project Runway? Sheeeeeiiiiiiit, that's good TV. Special correspondent for the Daily Show? The possibilites truly are endless.

And I think Chuck is running for governor in Alabama too. Please vote him in.

Oh yea, the Heat had to bite the curb tonight. 30 points in the first half? 66 for the game? I thought they were the fucking champs.

Lakers over the big, bad Suns too. Without the best scorer in the league. Yessir.

Mavs over Spurs by 12 on thursday.

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