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Saturday, October 14, 2006

get a grip on yourself, it dont cost much.

oasis b-sides > 99% of most band's entire catalog. please believe.

critics, hipsters, and indie fags love to bash the gallaghers because they sound derivative and like to think they're the shit. but what many of these filthy douche bags fail to realize is that music that feature thin production, random instruments, no singable melody, and 'experimental' ideas don't lift you up when you feel down. they can't be sung with your buddies at the top of your voices to top off a solid night of knocking back beers.

and as for derivative, that much is true, but it's not like they attempt and fail, is it? in fact, they fucking nail it as hard as you can possibly can. i also don't think anyone can fault the source of inspiration either. the beatles? the stones? better than seeing someone 20 years from now trying to re-create laffy taffy.

why do people complain when rock stars act like rock stars? they're not your friends. they're entertainers. of course they're arrogant and cocky, apologetic celebrities are boring. i personally hope they choke on their slice of humble pie.

speaking of pie, i could go for some country pot pie right now. magic wok will have to do.

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