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Sunday, October 29, 2006

+44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating album review.

My first favorite band ever, Blink 182 split up this year due to some beef between Mark and Tom. Probably cause Tom turned into what seems to be a complete douche bag. It's quite sad, really, cause they were one of the bands that seemed like they had the most fun doing what they did. That was always one of the biggest appeals of the band, the humor and the genuine interest in looking on the bright side and appreciating the fact that they get to be rock stars for a living. Anyways, here's Mark and Travis's new project, +44.


Continues in the same vein as the last Blink album, but not as experimental, for whatever thats worth. Straightforward pop rock. Really, if it wasn't for Mark's voice this could be any other band. Not particularly impressive, but not bad either.

Baby, Come On

Starts off with some computer drums and cut up 'whoosh' sounds. Kind of like the beginning of those Linkin Park songs. The chorus is catchy enough, but not really one to stick with you. He seems to still be writing about chicks even though hes like 34 and married.

When Your Heart Stops Beating

The first single. It's always important that the lead off batter is hits enough to get on base. This is the best song so far. Good melodies. Travis's drumming on the chorus is particularly awesome, the hi-hat sixteenths are a nice touch.

Little Death

Acoustic guitars are in this. Not that great of an idea especially cause the verses just sound stupid. The verse melodies go sour at the end of each couplet where it goes up for one note.


Probably going for some 80s Cure sounds. I like this one, the synths work well with the vocals. I still expect Tom to come in at any moment.



Cliff Diving

All these songs sound the same. You could say the same about Blink, but those have nostalgic value and are better songs anyways. Mark is now just the 'old man in the club'.


Not nearly as good as the one on the last Blink album. that thing was moody and dark. This just sounds like a 16 year old who just got his first copy of Frooty Loops.


Might be referring to the Nicholas Cage movie which wasn't very funny, except for the montage where he got pegged with fast food. I imagine throwing a chili dog at somebody's face must be a pretty satisfying action.

No It Isn't

This is the one about Blink. It's not bad, but still sounds like a 15 year old wrote it thanks to the endless use of cliche lines. You'd think something so monumental ending would inspire better lyrics. Otherwise, stronger effort than the last 3 tracks or so.

Make You Smile

Has a chick on it, I think that's what the original plan was, but she got knocked up or something like that so she quit. This isn't bad, more programmed drums in the verses and live in the chorus. The chick's voice is a nice change of pace from a whole album of Mark.

Chapter XII

This was a good weekend for football, no? Horns come back from 21, the 'Boys come back from 14. Solid effort by both, especially dual-threat Tony 'T-Ro' Romo (courtesy of Eric). The season isn't looking as bleak as I thought. The O-line did their job, kept Peppers limited. Most importantly Jason Witten got freed up from blocking duty for the Statue of Liberty and made some huge catches. Oh, and this song sounds like every other one.


Gone are the days of happy-go-lucky Blink. Which is to be expected, I guess, given how they're not named Blink 182 anymore. The fun songs are missing, these guys take themselves too seriously now. Obviously that was the problem that broke them up. They forgot they were just a bunch of dudes that lucked onto being rock stars. This album gets a 2/10 on the bbbbbaaaallllllliiiiiiiinnnn' meter.

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