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Thursday, November 09, 2006

nobody wins, one side just loses more slowly.

Two big things happened this week. The Democrats took over the House and Senate. Along with this major change in American politics, Donald Rumsfeld also got cut loose. Evil motherfucker that he is, I feel that's a pretty easy slide. He gets to fuck things up, then leave. Whoopdeedoo.

A lot of people are getting huge boners from this change in power. I'm not one of them. Politicians are politicians, the way the system is set up, they will still manipulate everything within their power to make themselves look good for the next election. (btw, if all they ever worry about is the next election, where do they find the time to do actual work for the people?) If it was up to these fucks, they would be responsible for every time you score above your league, every time you have perfect change, every time your professor cancels class. And they will deny until they die that they were the ones that didn't put up a fight to prevent the Iraq war from happening, that they were the ones chickenshit scared to go against Bush, that they were the ones that didn't do their fucking job.

Plus, I don't trust that Nancy Pelosi broad. I mean, she is a woman. And we all know bitches are crazy.

Aside from my politics rant, another major breakthrough happened: K-Fed got dumped. And it's on camera. Check it:

Hahahahahaha. I don't know who deserves some shit like that more, K-Fed or Rumsfeld.

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