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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

ching chang chong.

I recently read up on how Ivy League schools are now trying to cockblock chinaman from their schools by using higher admissions standards. Kinda like what they do to white folks, except even worse. And now, even crackers get a break from the onslaught of the slant-eyes.

Cracka-ass crackers everywhere have bitched and moaned about having less qualified african-americans (or in some circles, niggers) take their spots, jobs and all else due to affirmative action. I, for one, have always felt that whites should shut the fuck up. Being white is still the number one advantage you have in this country, and most parts of the world.

So for white folks to even think about complaining is ridiculous because if it's really so bad, wanna trade?

Didn't think so.

It seems that chinaman are getting shafted here. They don't get the easy slide of affirmative action like jigs do. They also don't get the power that derives from an inherently racist system and society like crackers do. So it's pretty much a lose-lose for the chanks.

Man, those white folks are some devious motherfuckers. But come on, who really thought those crusty crackers at the top of the ladder were going to let any other shades in the loop? Even if they did get there based on merit and by the rules, the rules will change. Those guys definitely do not want their pool muddied. Why do you think out of all the chinaman that work as engineers at TI making calculators and such, every single person on the board of directors is white than snow*?

That being said, it's still better than being a beaner. Boy, do they have it rough.

Check it: Is Admissions Higher for Asians at Elite Schools? (link to transcript of Wall Street Journal article, cause those jews make you pay)
also: New Challenge to Affirmative Action (Inside Higher Ed)
*there is one jig lady on there, but I think it's to look good. White people already feel really good about themselves whenever they can name off more than one of the colored as their friend, so this pretty much makes up for slavery.

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