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Monday, May 01, 2006

flyer than a motherfuckin' pelican.

Just look at Dirk son the hell out of that ginger. Big Lo predicts Mavs over Pistons in 5. And from the looks of it, he could be right. I don't see any other team sweeping anybody in the first round. Not the Spurs. Not the Pistons. To be honest, none of them want it with that German athletic freak. They don't want to see Dirk unleash his best Sam Cassell impression after draining fadeaway 3 after fadeaway 3. Without squaring his shoulders, no less!

Despite having the best playoff record so far this year, and having the number one all around performer post-season, the Mavs are still largely ignored and overlooked. I'm loving the Lakers right now, but even MVP don't want it with us.

It looks like LA vs. LA for the semi finals. That should be one hell of a show. Home court advantage every game. Can somebody explain to me why LA has 2 basketball teams anyways?

One last thing - Behold: the Beastmaster's uniform. Just $175 for a slice of greatness? I've never found a better bargain. (via Team LA)

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