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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

G's up, ho's down.

I'm willing to bet Snoop Dogg had no idea he was going to change the world. He was probably just smoking a blunt, downing some 40s with his homeboys and whatnots in the shitty part of town when he was like, 'yo cuz, you know what? fuck them bitches, nigga. G's up, ho's down. for life.' Fast forward a decade or so and its now one of the most prevalent ideas among males.

Now, I'm not saying the idea of male empowerment hasn't been around. But in this day and age of Paris Hiltons, feminists and other generally dumb teenage girls who actually want to be the 4 over-the-hill single bitches in Sex and te City, I think all men have to toast Mr. D-O-double-G for coming up with a singular phrase that defines that mentality, and gives us all something to believe in.

Before you label me a sexist or woman hater and so forth, check out a pretty much fool-proof test on women:

a girl will think something is cute because a) it is proportionally smaller than usual, and/or b) something tries to imitate an adult action but fails miserably.

bonus points if its shiny.

Props to Mr. O'Bannon for the moment of genius.

Also: read up on A Man's Right To Choose (via Bol)

To cap things off, here is a great video by the Arctic Monkeys detailing an excellent example of why the world would be a much better place if it was indeed G's up, and ho's down.

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