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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

big pimpin'.

Mando Diao - The Wildfire (If It Was True).mp3

"There's something in the way she said 'I hate you cause you breathe'". That's already a fantastic line in and of itself, but when matched with perfect eh-who-gives-a-fuck attitude and jangly guitars and a soaring major key chorus with horns, its all that and a bag of chips. In fact, the first half of the record that I listened to is solid all around.

Justin Timberlake ft. T.I. - My Love.mp3

I think this is Timberlake's second single off of FutureSex/LoveSounds, possibly the worst title ever slapped onto an album. This track is all over the place: lots of bubbly synths, Timbaland's signature bouncy drums, and layered underneath it all is Timberlake's beatboxing. It's not great, but I wouldn't turn it off if it came on the radio as it is much more interesting to listen to than anything else these days. JT does his schtick as pop star extraordinaire, singing horribly cliche lyrics with flair. All that is fine and dandy until the King comes and completely wrecks shop. The flow is magnificient, catching the cadence of the synths and wrapping every syllable perfectly around the beat. Like Ludacris in 'Yeah', the song is good and all, but its the guest verse that steals the show.

Of Montreal - The Party's Crashing Us (I Am the World Trade Center mix).mp3

I've never heard the orginial song although I am pretty sure Jesse '13 year old girl' Smith sent me the album. Whatever, because this remix is pretty awesome. The only part that bugs me is the guy who mixed it calls himself I Am the World Trade Center. What kind of shitty hipster name is that?

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