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Saturday, July 29, 2006


I'm going to venture out into the dangerous land of self indulgence and introspection for a second, so bear with me.

I've been awash in a sea of mediocrity for the longest time. Never great, never bad, never cared. It has always kind of bothered me, cause it's fucking boring. Not to mention I don't particularly like run of the mill things. Either kick ass or suck ass, middle ground breeds apathy. The sad fact is that most people are run of the mill. Maybe it's time to accept that fact and deal with it. Maybe it's time to get off my ass and 'reach my potential'. Both choices sound like shit. One sounds like settling and the other sounds like an infomercial for a 36 tape pack of motivational bullshit.

All successful people are driven, that's the uniting factor. Nobody successful lucked on to it completely. I just want to know how the hell people stay motivated at something. They must make up some fantastic bullshit about how hard work means they'll end up with puppies and white picket fences. And they must believe that is what will make them happy. And they have to believe that nonsense for their whole lives. That just seems delusional. Maybe that's the key to being successful in this world. You lie to yourself so much, that you start believing it.

Fuck everything I just wrote, I pretty much know what I want. Lots and lots of money. Like ridiculous amounts. God, being one of those old money blue blood rich asshole wasps must kick so much ass. You might have to wear yellow shorts with lobsters on it or something gay like that, but I'm willing to let that slide.

What a horrible post.

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